Cannot resize Tool Shelf or Properties Panel

Reseting factory settings will fix it. But I’d like to add something.

When I load my user preferences (which has all my custom colors) the problem returns. So the issue is caused by something in user preferences.

“Move Area Edges” is set to “Left Mouse” in User Settings so it’s gotta be something else.

Tool Shelf & Properties Panel:
I cannot:
- change the width by left mouse dragging
- change the height of any sub window by left mouse dragging

I can:
+ scroll within the sub windows
+ select vertical tabs within tool shelf
+ collapse / expand sections (with the triangle button and titles)
+ click buttons (e.g. to create primitives)
+ open / close Tool Shelf by keyboard shortcut

Quad View:
I can:
+ resize the quad windows

I suppose I could add my custom colors and settings one by one to recreate my custom setup. That could take days…weeks. But I suppose it is my only option. Who said 3D doesn’t take patience?

Any suggestions?

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