Cannot retrieve world coordinates of NURBS curve vertices.

I try to get the world coordinate of Vertex 0 of a selected Nurbs curve:

obj = bpy.context.selected_objects[0]
wmtx = obj.matrix_world
localCoord =[0].points[0].co
worldCoord = wmtx * localCoord
localCoord: " + str(localCoord))
print("worldCoord: " + str(worldCoord))

The attached screenshots show I do NOT receive the correct coordinates.
(switching between global/local coordinate view in the panel).

I attach the Blender file and screenshots. Its just a basic Nurbs curve, nothing special…

Whats wrong please???



Here is the .blend file with the spline.


problem nurbs world coordinates.blend (467 KB)

Ok, 1 thing I found out now:

The samples either show how to retrieve vertex world coords from Meshes or from Bezier Curves, like here:

But it does not work for Nurbs curves (why?).

A workaround is to convert the Nurbs to a Bezier, and proceed from there.