Cannot rotate and scale in object mode


Since a few time, I’ve noticed that when I’m in object mode, I cannot scale or rotate an object. If I press the corresponding key (s or r), I’ve got the “animation” that correspond, I’ve got the values that change at the bottom of the window, but the object is not modified. I need to do the modifications either in the “transform properties” window or in edit mode wher everything is ok.

But that only happen on the file I’m working on (my game) and not if I go back to a previous version or a new file.

I don;t remember having changed any option.

Do you know if there is a solution?


I don’t have an answer for this - but I have noticed this happen to me before

it hasn’t happened for a long while (a few months) but I did notice it on;y happened on my Linux Box
never on my Mac

What OS are you running

I just had to save and restart blender to fix it

I’m using Linux. I’ve saved and exit blender many times since it occured and it never solved the problem.

Maybe you can test this file:


Looks like you have selected “Move object centers only” (This is the button to the left of the hand icon.)

Try deselecting and see if that works for you.

Thanks!! That was just that!