Cannot rotate or sclae a mesh in object mode

So I was working on my mesh and through a series of unknown steps, I appear to have broken the rotate function in object mode. Selecting a mesh in object mode and hitting R for rotate and moving the mouse does nothing, even though the offset numbers appear at the bottom left of the window. Axis locking by hitting X, Y, or Z seems to engage (so I know I’m in rotate mode.), but no rotation is ever applied to the object. The rotation parameters are not locked according to the toolbar. Moving an object with G for Grab still works fine. Also editing the rotation and scale in edit mode works as expected. Newly created objects (Shift -> A -> cube) exhibit the same problems as old ones. Making a new Blender file returns all operations back to normal.

I’ve uploaded my .Blend file if anyone wants to have a look.


.Blend file: (no longer needed)

Turn off this option

You’re a genius. Guess I must have hit “Alt ,” somewhere along the way. Thanks!