Cannot save in 2.67b windows 64bit

Hi, new to 3d and blender. I’m unable to save any files.

The error I get is “Cannot open file C:\untitled.blend @ for writing: permission denied” I don’t know if this is some sort of bug or if I’m doing something wrong. I tried searching the net and have found others have the same problem but no one has told them how to fix it. Some say to run as an administrator but I am, and so were they. I’m running blender 2.67b. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and I’m running windows 7.

I’ve tried saving in other folders, I’ve uninstalled blender and deleted all folders associated with it that I could find, and reinstalled it. I was able to save one time naming it “myfirst.blend” in a documents folder but it ended up in users folder. I was also able to open the saved file but had to let computer know with what program to open it with first. Is this normal?

In order to open it I had to click on these 2 icons in the open file menu. They are located up top next to the “show hidden” button. 1 is named “show.blend files” and the other “show.blend1, blend2, etc, files”. Is this also normal that your file won’t show up unless you do this?

Lastly when opened, I could not save it again after making changes.

Any advice is really appreciated, thanks!

Check where your file is saved.

I can’t save or open a file directly in the C:\ drive (E.g. C:\Test.blend). If it’s saved in the C:\ drive directly, move it to somewhere where you have permission to open it (E.g. Documents)

Hope this helped