Cannot save model!

I have been working on this model file. Everything was working fine until this morning until I hit a wall. The file will no longer save. Objects can be added, deleted, edited or moved about but the change will not save. It opens at the point where I made this last object. It is behaving almost like it is been protected form change. Is there such a setting? How do I undo it?

can you save it in a diff. file name?

Scary problem. Do you think it could be that you’re using 2.49? Somehow?
Try out a new build on graphicall, open the file in 2.59, then save it under a new file name. See if that helps?

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Check if by any chances for some reason the file is on" Read Only" in its properties, could explain why you can’t save any change, if it’s the case, just unchecking in the file properties “Read Only” will make it updatable again.

If it’s not on “Read Only”, if you’re working in 2.49b, try to append it in 2.59 and save, same as if it’s in 2.59, try to append it in 2.49b and save to see if it solve the problem.

Ok I have a clue. I got this warning when I did Ctrl + S, “Can’t overwrite used library.” Humm I must have some type of conflict with library. I don’t have any other file open though.

do you have an object in the file that you linked? ie, you meant to append, but linked, then modified in this file?

Yes I have been experimenting with extensive linking to make more complex model. Here is what I have now. It is T-34 Russian tank partially detailed.

I am using lots of groups and linking between different parts of the tank; hull assembly, track assembly, and engine assembly files. My final image will link all of those objects together. As the number of parts grew it is becoming more difficult to keep track of where every tings are; groups are grouped on top of each other all over the place. I must have added too many crisscrossing links between files!

I would just make a local copy. In the object menu, click “make local” everything.

The last time i got this “Can’t overwrite used library” message was when i appended an object and wanted to save the .blend by using the same name as the blend that contained the original object.
Usually, changing the name of the blend was doing the trick (File ->Save As or F2 or Shift+Ctrl+S in 2.59).

Possible that the Ctrl+S, not letting you to change a .blend name was triggering this if you used an Append in your scene