Cannot See Any Alpha Channel Much?

Here is my print screen.
I have the Viewport Shading on, Material Alpha Setting into 20% on, Blend Mode Settings to Alpha Clip on, and my node are here to look at. Why my Alpha Channel still does not work almost at all the times? Is my render input or the render output settings a bit off?

Alpha Clip

The previous color will be overwritten by the surface color, but only if the alpha value is above the clip threshold.

I’m not into Eevee, so I’m not sure how to interpret that myself - “previous color”? You don’t show how you’re using it. If I do noise output > some value, alpha clip seems to work for me. I can also get noise -> alpha, and the clip threshold appears to do the same. Are you sure you want alpha clip and not alpha blend?

Have u tried using a mix sheadder and using a transparent sheadder use the fac to mix between transparency and solid?

Ya I did tried that already but it still does not work on a solid color only I think. I am not really doing the image transparency.
But, I think I am okay for now. Because I rather just use the wireframe for modeling instead of using the alpha channel modeling object to model with my blueprint as well. And I rather not wait just for a solid color alpha channel to fix my modelling with my blueprint when the wireframe are always okay as well.