Cannot see my posted thread

I recenelty posted two question in the coding category but whenever i refresh the page and try to see the latest mpost i cannot see my post and in my profile aswell it says that i havnt posted anything.

The first page of the subforum gives the answer many times

I’m a little confused as well. The FAQ mentions restrictions on users with fewer than 10 posts, but other than “no URLs in posts,” it’s a little unclear what the restrictions are.

Does it it just mean that posts by new users will be held by auto-moderation?

Yeah basically, before you hit 10 posts your posts will need to be approved by a mod. A quick way to hit 10 posts is to just go and comment on some of the forum gallery posts.

The FAQ should probably be re-worded a bit. If you have fewer than 10 posts, you’re posts will be automatically sent to the moderation queue.

I am a new user here, too. Do those posts need to be moderated first before the 10-post-hurdle is removed? If not, this could take a whole week before I could post freely.
Have posted a project in WIP almost 24h ago but it did not show up. I also posted a comment in the Gallery but this one also did not show up. This was 48h ago. It was not spam. I suggested to make it 3d printable and add an raspberry pi zero + display + sdr dongle to it. Never showed up.

As I mentioned in your other thread, most posts don’t take longer than 24 hours to make it through the queue. It does occasionally get a bit clogged, though, and it takes us a little longer to work through it.

It’s hard to reach 10 posts when your posts are never removed from moderation.

Your post please wait when approved by the forum owner

Is this forum no longer active? Posted a simple thank you comment almost a week ago and it still hasn’t been approved. I understand everybody has lives and such… but in my case I’m new and I have questions so I’m eager to discuss and learn!

Forum is still active. Not sure how that one sat in the queue that long. You should be fine now.

Oh, no worries; thank you.

even I am facing same issues. I have uploaded my artworks and they did not show up. Some of them have the links , is that the reason ?
If so how can I access them and remove the link ? I am finding it difficulty to browse my posted threads… They are all gone :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated… And also I want to post my art works in finished projects forum, How can I make it appear there.

Thank you

Again, please read the Forum FAQ. That should answer all of your questions.