Cannot see NLA strips on appended object


I animated a character with an Armature, and created actions both for the bones within the armature (bounce up-and-down action) and also the armature itself (traversing the floor so with this the bounce up-and-down now looks like bouncing along the floor). Both the armature and the character mesh I have grouped together.

When I click on the armature in the original file I can see the NLA strips. I then append this group into a new file which contains the terrain. But now when I click on the armature, the NLA editor does not see the NLA strips even though the character still is showing that it bounces along and in the Outliner you can see the NLA strips. In short, it does the movement but the NLA strips are not accessible.

Please help!

Yea is true sometimes the action strips menu appears empty when you click on “add action strip”. I find that if you start typing the name of the action strip in the search box your actions will appear. The search box appears when u click on “add action strip”.