Cannot select objects in 3Dview with right mouse button (FreeBSD)

I have a little problem with blender on FreeBSD (8.2-STABLE).
In Blender 2.5x I cannot select any objects in the 3dview with a right mousebutton click. I only can select the objects in the Outliner.
The strange thing is, that I can click on an selected object in the 3Dview withe right mousebutton and hold it, and so I can move the object around. So the right mousebutton works fine. I also had tested some other mouses, but they also didn’t work.
I also have parallel a Windows-XP and there Blender works very fine and all mouses do, what they should do.
I have also tested several versions of Blender: a package from, the version from the ports of FreeBSD and I also downloaded different versions of the source code and compiled it for my own. But the problem still exist.
There also is the option in Blender to select objects with the left mousebutton (and not with the right one). But also this option has no effect on blender.
On my laptop (also FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE) Blender and all mouses are working very fine and there I can select a object with a right mousebutton click in the 3Dview.

Has anyone of you an idea, what the problem could be?

This wasn’t clear: Did you try reinstalling FreeBSD? Only other thing that might help is, searching for differences in settings between your laptop and the other one.

No, that should be one of the last options. But I think I’ll try it this weekend. At the moment I am creating some backups and then I will reinstall FreeBSD.

I would suspect the graphics driver first. Look at the driver settings and see whether it uses application settings for antialiasing (probably best choice for Blender).

So, now a new FreeBSD installation is running and one of the first things I’ve installed was Blender.
And: it works fine. I can select objects in the 3Dview with the right mousebutton. I don’t know what was wrong in the last installation, but now I am happy that everything works fine.
Thanks for your answers!

Oh, I think you are right :confused:
When I first tested Blender this morning I didn’t have a full 3D acceleration. Now I have with Mesa 7.6 a better acceleration, but there is also the bug that I can’t select objects in the 3Dview. :confused: I have to try a little bit with the driver settings. Thank you for your hint.