Cannot set background image in Blender 2.71


I’ve installed Blender 2.71 and I’ve tried to set a background image, but it seems not working properly: as I set the background image and change view (front ortho), the image is not displayed…

Does anyone have the same problem? How can I fix it?

Thanks a lot!!

Hi, tested & working at Linux ver 2.71

Other than changing to ortho… I was having the same problem, changed my jpg to PNG, and restarted blender worked after that.

What file type that image was? Can you select from dropdown and see it in UV editor window?

This shouldn’t be a problem, Jymmy. Bugs were reported, worked on, and fixed shortly before 2.71’s release, so all should be well.

Why not post your step-by-step procedure? Likely, you’re missing a step or two; it ain’t hard to miss something.

work fine on win 64 !
show us your N panel set up !

happy bl

Make sure image format is not .gif.

I’ve done this way:

  1. Opened up a new .blend file
  2. Loaded factory settings
  3. Pressed ‘N’
  4. Checked the box near ‘Background Images’
  5. Pressed ‘Add Image’
  6. Pressed ‘Open’
  7. Chosen a .png image (resoulution about 2000x2000 or something similar, but on blender 2.70 it works fine)
  8. Hit ‘Open Image’
  9. Pressed ‘Numpad 1’ in order to change view

This is the final result

No images.

PS: I’ve got another problem: No background grid in front/back view…

Thanks a lot!!

Set to ortho view, numpad 5.

Thanks a lot!!

I haven’t noticed the Persp… How can I make ortho by default??


Set ortho view first and then File > Save startup file. Next time you open Blender it is already ortho view.


Solved everything!! Really… Thanks a lot!!


Hi Guys, I’m new to blender. I want to add a background image to my blender v 2.71 but it doesn’t show.

The Steps I took were:

  1. File-New
  2. Set the camera to Ortho
  3. Press N
  4. Checked the background image box
  5. Added an image

Plz help I don’t know what I did wrong!!!

You need to be in one of the views you have set for that background image