Cannot "Split Area" No Matter What


I’ve been using Blender off an on for 6 or 7 years now, so I’m not new to this, but I have an extremely basic problem. The thing you always use to split and combine screens - the three diagonal line thing - those diagonal lines have completely disappeared in one particular Blender file from 2 years ago that I need to start working on again. It’s not in full screen from ctrl up/down arrow. I have two areas/windows I can use and I can switch them between different things like properties, VSE, 3D view, etc., but I simply cannot add more no matter what I do. I know you can left click on the slider/height adjuster thing and it shows you two buttons, “Split Area” and “Combine Area” or something, but both those buttons are shaded out, like you can’t click them.

The blend file has lived on a flash drive its entire life with its video files and a blender.exe to run it because I used to travel so often that I had to work on this at random libraries on library computers. I have two versions of the same file, one was a test version where I just wanted to tear the video sequence apart and experiment with putting it back together in different ways, and the other is the master, and only one of the two has this problem, and of course it’s the one I actually need. (The file is a complex video trailer sequence with a lot of audio volume keyframing and precise cuts.)

I’m on a generic 2020 MacBook Air, but I tried it on a cheap windows PC as well and same result.

Also worth noting is that when I open any blender file on this computer (the MacBook Air), everything is massively huge on the cube screen and you can’t do anything. You have to hit the green button to make it go full screen and then everything is normal. But of course this one specific .blend is the only instance where the three diagonal line thing is gone.

Anyone have any idea what is going on? I would attach the file, but I did try and it says new members can’t upload files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Anyone here?

Don’t bump your thread, perhaps people just don’t know the answer.

To me it sounds like you might have “Load UI” enabled under the “Save & Load” category. While this can be very useful when working on recent files it can sometimes bite you in the ass with really old files.

If you have this enabled I’d turn it off and try and load the file once more. Its true you will lose the layout the file had, but at this point I feel the work is more important and its easy to make the workspace to your liking if the split/join controls function again.

Good luck! :+1:

BOOM! Thanks so much! That did it! (For anyone else with the problem, the button 3dioot referenced is in User Preferences under the File tab.)

Yeah, I’m not familiar with the current forum etiquette. I used to spend a lot of time on here a long time ago, before it switched over to whatever platform it’s on now, and back then, bumping your own threads was pretty commonplace for this subsection at least, so good to know about the change.



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