Cannot start runtime with 2.48a and Vista

I have a .blend file with a simple game in it, which ran good under 2.47 (and WinXP) and now with Vista and 2.48a I get an error. First it asked for avformat-52.dll i.s.o. avformat-51.dll, but now it complains about “missing av_crc04C11DB7 in avutil-49.dll”. I put the avutil-49.dll which I found in blender, but no success… Any suggestions?

The older versions, generated before, run OK in Vista.

Thanks in advance.

Try putting these dll’s also in the same folder as the runtime.

Nevermind, Chaser’s suggestion works.

When you create a runtime, I guess blender dosent bundle all the DLL’s you need with your .exe file. Just go into your installation directory where blender.exe is and copy all DLL files you see to the same folder as your game.exe.

Hope that works for you = )

Thank you!! My first little simple game works now.

Lucky i found this thread! i ahd same problem and did what VenomSeven sayd and now it works :wink: