Cannot upload image?

hello community

I wanted to upload an image of a tree but when I hit file upload, selected it, and waited for it to load it said it could not upload. I do not know if it is because of a file size ore something with the format. it is a PNG that is 6.2 MB’s.

hum hum hum :spin:… I upload pngs all the time, I think it’s the file size. 6MB is quite big for a pic. You could try uploading the image to an image hosting site like Imgur and from there take the link of the image and upload it to BlenderArtists through insert image from url.

Hello community

I have been having trouble uploading an image to blender artists.
When it tries to upload it says “error cannot upload file”
the PNG file is 2.5 mb. is there a file limit and if so what is it?

use the forum code paste in your reply.

There is a file size limit. No image can be larger than 2MB. The full list is available in the attachment manager window

So that is the reason why some of my png won’t upload. I though it was my internet connection at first.