Canon 5D mark III body

It took me 7 days to finish this project, not ideal, but I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Nice job. I love the hand grip texture

looks good, but the lighting is boring and dull :confused: Try to jazz it up a little and get some nice shadows!

looks good! The screen at the top doesn’t look too believable and it needs better lighting and samples.

Thanks for the comments ))
For those who would like to upload your models to Sketchfab here’s a little tutorial

I think it needs some glossy specs. I looks flat without them. :smiley:

Hi Pavel,

This looks great! Nice job modeling and texturing. And thank you very much for the Sketchfab tutorial. It’s a shame that materials don’t come out as nicely on the Sketchfab site. Maybe Bart and the Sketchfab team will get Cycles to work someday.

Kind regards,


I’m no photographer, and I’ve only been using Blender for about a week. Your camera is beautiful! I agree with a previous post - the texture on the grip/camera body is wonderful. I also like the digital read/screen on the top of the camera. If someone showed this to me, I wouldn’t think it was a CG image. Someone mentioned something wrong with the screen towards the top, but I don’t see it. Someone else mentioned the color/lighting be kind of ‘blah’ but I also don’t see that. To me, the subtle/soft color brings out the boldness of the camera’s shape and body.

I think this looks perfect.

I think these digital xlr’s are brilliant pieces of engineering. You’ve perfectly captured the compact, yet powerful technology that, in my opinion, only canon can create (in the under $35,000 price range). I love these cameras and your render makes me want to break mine out and just hold it and look at it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind comments and critics :slight_smile:
And here’s little update