Canon AE-1

Great work!! I’ m trying to model my NIKON D2 too, but it’ s very difficult for me to do it yet. Any help?

The link does work today, curious for the model :slight_smile:

Really nice. Very detailed. Congrats!

That’s an amazing job you have done with the Canon AE-1! I know this is an old project for you, but is there a way I can get the 3D CAD file (STEP or IGS file)?

I paint Canon AE-1’s and sometimes I like to see the rendering of the colours before I paint it, to help me visualize the final product :slightly_smiling_face:

Please check my work below:

Great work, and fantastic proportions! I own Canon A-1
I love cameras, i modeled film SLRs like Praktica and Zenit

Nice to see somebody who also puts so much effort to model like this. This camera deserves it.