Canon Camera

Here’s my new wip. I’m going to make a Canon camera. The camera will look like a Digital Ixus 400, but I won’t follow it’s exact shapes.


I like it… It rings true. My only problem (but maybe its in my head) is the square lense. All the cameras I own have a round lense. (I own three, 35mm, digital, and one Tazmanian Devil one that has light up eyes.)

It is in the “I could really buy this” catagory because it looks real.

Looking good.


The glass on the camera is actually spheric. and not flat. Try A search on google for: Canon Digital Ixus 400
There you will find my lens.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Damn im making a canon camera too. :slight_smile: Only diffrence its im making the A80 model.

So far your model looks good.
Only the smaller thing near the viewfinder (AF illumination lamp?) should be a little lower.

MassTA, feel free to post a link to your Pic, I would like to see it. And I will fix the “lamp”-thing.

Other crits?

My Canon A80

Still a very early WIP. :slight_smile:

Here’s a update:
Dead posting? :-?

Photoreal, cool.
With the reflection you got there it looks cooler
than the original, just checked from a photo.

I dont know is this the light setup only, but the case plastic looks odd. :-?

Maybe add more speculars?