Canon Camera

I decided to end this project. I felt like it was time letting it go. So here’s my final scene for my camera. Tell me what you think about it.

Very nice model; I like.

Neeeeeeeeeeeat, could go as a real camera that one. And I like the picture composition too!

Good model and nice work on textures.
But for the composition of the picture, we lose some details because of the view. Maybe you should turn the camera a little bit so we can appreciate all the efforts you’ve made. Just turn the central camera and let the others like this.
But this will break the symetry of your picture so it won’t be really cool.
Well i don’t know what you wanted to do, but now you have my opinion ;)…

When I saw the title I expected to see a good old heavy SLR though I’m not dissapointed, because it’s really well done.

I agree with Ed.
Show us some more views.

Thanks for all your comments!
I don’t realy want to change the scene, It’s pritty nice to me. So I’ll refer to my wip to see some other views:

And vliegtuig…
The old one would be my next WIP :wink:


on your thread wip :

I think this one is better (about the views, not the camera itself).That’s all. I had to say that. I know you like your actual picture ;).