Canon EF 75-300mm

I cant quite get the material to look metallic enough…any tips?
This is also the first time I’ve done UV mapping. ( text textures done in Gimp )

I know there are still things needed to be tweaked, but I think I’ll call it done for now.

Anything on black metalic shaders and UV textureing would be great. I’ll be sure to remember it on my next project.

Rendered with Blender Internal

C&C welcome for sure.

not bad at all, but it looks like you could lower the filter value on the textures a little, and add a slight bump map to the black material, which would give it some depth, along with slightly more specularity, i think.

Nice picture, I don’t think that specularity is the prob here, but color itself, I think you should darken it more.

Anyway, if you keep playing with these values may be you’ll find the best texture.

hey thats good, but I would say its almost there

you have to work a little on the lighting, and maybe you can add a little caustics ?
As traitor mentioned about the filter values, you can add noise tex + nor that would give a nice grainy feel that lenses have in some areas.

keep it up

Nice work at all, with some improvements you could achieve a photorealistic scene, this version let me think to some presentation flyers.

Don’t you listen to them. It’s fantastic. Congratulations.

The black itself looks very real.
I only have a modern Sigma lens and a bunch of older Nikon lenses.
So I have to judge this one from my Sigma lens.
The metallic doesn’t look very shiny, but if necessary you can change that in post-pro.

ohhhhh nice