Canon EOS 30D

I’m working on a model of a Canon EOS 30D camera. It’s high poly, trying to get as much detail as possible. I’ll probably do some unbiased renders when I’m done. Anyway, my refs:

And my progress on the front:

looks good so far.
only one crit so far, in you model just above the square on the right you got a bumb as it goes up to the flash of the camera. In your ref its a smooth curve with no bumb. Just thought i’d let you know

I’ll go over the mesh in that area again before I add the control wheel near there. Thanks for pointing it out.

Progress on modeling the front just about finished with the flash:

like always, your work is high quality

Model is looking great, I recently posted a camera on the finished projects section.
Your camera has much more detail and I think it is going to look great, cant wait to see how it is going to turn out. keep it up

Finished up modeling, did some texturing, and I’m doing render tests now, using Yafaray. It’s my first time using Yafaray and I love it. Nice script interface and great results. Nice times, too.
I rendered these as an animation and it only took an hour or so.

I like it more than the original :eek:

that looks really good.

The model and renders are looking really great, I really should give yafaray a look sometime aswell.