Canon Fire

This is the canon without textures.

Canon using procedural textures.

The video below is my early attempt at making a canon fire. As you can see there is a major flaw in the smoke simulation. Not sure how to fix it. Also the wind force field is visible. I don’t know how to make it invisible. Maybe add an alpha 0 material?

All the work you’ve put so far into modeling and texturing that canon is quite a waste; Believe me, I can’t see anything!

All you effort at commenting is a waste. You’re not helping anybody.

Bake the physics and put the wind force field in another layer that is invisible for the render.

Very good. However if you watch a real cannon fire, it usually rolls backwards due to the force.

I was looking at several canon fires on You Tube but it seems this type of Spanish style canon seem to be to heavy for the recoil effect. I can see Civil War canons recoil but not this one.

I’m getting frustrated with this smoke simulation. Can’t seem to reset after making changes. And it tends to be a bit slow on my computer. It’s an Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6 ghz. Maybe a smaller division.