Canondrum WIP demo ready

I wasn’t considering releasing this to the public until I finished it, but I couldn’t help it :p. The basic idea is that you are a cannon in the middle of the screen and you have to shoot the bombs coming down on the rare Blue Mushrooms to protect them. I plan to have 2 game types: Phases and Survival. Survival will be how long you can hold off the bombs and Phases will be like different levels, increasing in difficulty. I also plan to put chea– I should shut up I guess. wink wink;)
I have a demo ready. This will only be the first level of the game so don’t complain about how easy it is.


The screeny looks very fun :smiley:

Im just wondering if the cloud in the bottom left is meant to be so close to the other one. Other than that its looking cool.

Im just wondering if the cloud in the bottom left is meant to be so close to the other one.

Yes, it’s supposed to be like that.

Looks cool! But will you be shooting in 3D? What about the mushrooms in the background?

EDIT: Doh they’re flowers. Ignore me :slight_smile:

Grr apparently this thread hasn’t caught much attention.

Looks good, although, I would say the colours are too harsh. Look into pastel colours a little bit more.


Edit: nevermind. The colours look good close up. The compression made the colours look harsh.

Deeemoooo Woo


It seems better if you set seed on the bomb spawner to 1000

Aha it is much better. Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem, other than that it looks very good! Except the bombs go behind clouds sometimes, the one on the far left (bomb) usually goes behind the cloud.

Also you can fire bombs way to close.

Hey man, here’s the same file with some fixes I think work just dandy =D

Fixes: Bombs are more random, you can only fire every 5, and the fire animation only plays when you actually shoot a cannonball, not when you press space.

Don’t take this file the wrong way, I’m not saying your game is bad or anything, but I really don’t care if you use my fixes or not, just look over it and give me your input.


uh The clouds in the front are annoying the cannon balls go behind them. and the bombs do something weird when they hit the cannon they like fly away. they need to end when they hit the table

it is really fun though maybe add some things that fall that give you more cannonballs or something

but those should be easy fixes


If you need anything else in your game let me know =D

did it die already?

You could make the bombs explode with everything except certain properties using a empty collision actuator, and a actuator with INV ticked.
Also, make sure that the bombs when you enter edit mode and select one face in the texture face tab, Alpha isn’t ticked, but opaque. If alpha is ticked, tick Opaque, press a 2 times, then Ctrl-C, and copy transp.
For the fire, select it and tick Alpha.