I got a call from Coca Cola Company one day and they asked me to prepare some nice graphics for their campaign. So i sat down and Blendered some during weekend. On Sunday it appeared that call was just a dream but hey, I’ll show you that project anyway, right?

Modeled, textured and rendered in Blender. Composite in Photoshop.

I know Mtn Dew ain’t Coca Cola’s brand but it fits perfectly here.

And two more.

I like the idea. It’s good job, I’d like to see some wireframes details.

Hmmm… if the soda companies (and beer companies) haven’t thought of this idea yet, perhaps they should!

It’s an absurd yet visually-effective idea. Very, very original. I’m actually quite serious in suggesting that this could go a long way.

in some European countries, its not allowed to do Beer cans. Its false advertising

This is awesome! Love it!!

Put them in the environment where they’ve depleted all the water sources. Promote truth.