Can't access asset browser right-click menu (solved)

I’m trying to learn the new asset browser in 3.x, and following along with tutorials. But when I’m told to right-click on an asset in the browser window, nothing happens, so I can’t access the features in the context menu.

I realize “nothing happens” is often unhelpful, but that is exactly what it happening: I right click on an asset, and literally nothing happens.

I can right-click on anything else in the UI and I get the expected context menu where appropriate. It is only an issue with assets in the asset browser.

I’m using a custom keymap, but I can’t imagine that broke anything. There isn’t any section in the keybindings panel for asset-manager specific bindings.

I’ve tried this in 3.0 and 3.1, and it is the same.

I feel dumb about having this simple problem, since I’ve been using blender for over 5 years, but here we are. This silly little issue makes the asset browser literally unusable to me.

Can someone help? What could be going on here?

1st thing i do when something didn’t works is trying to reset the blender preferences to see if the right-click works as intended (just remember to uncheck the auto-save preferences first so that your “temporary” default preferences didn’t overwrite your “custom” preferences, or back-up your user preferences first just to be safe).

If everything is fine in the default state, then maybe your custom keymap does break something (I’m using a custom keymap myself, with a tweaked right mouse button and yes it broke something at first).

For asset-manager specific bindings, it’s under the file browser category (and some of the keymap is shared between them, but not the right-click menu).

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply!
Loading factory settings does result in the right-click menu working. So I think it may be something with my keymap. The thing is that I can’t find those functions you circled in my own keymap, so I’m not sure how to go about fixing it. Do you have any thoughts?

hmmm, your keymap item is definitely fewer than mine, even in its default state, I guess that’s why some of your default keymap didn’t work.

Do you create/tweak your custom keymap in the previous version of Blender? if so, how do you transfer it to the version you’re using right now? If I remember correctly, there’s a slight difference between manually copying your preferences, loading the previous settings when your open a new blender version, and exporting then importing keymap manually (this method being the most problematic IMO).

there’s some workaround you can try, depending on your method of transferring the keymap i mentioned above, with the worst possible scenario is to start from scratch.

I found a solution, and I’m posting it here in case anybody else has the same issue.
Apparently when Blender imported my old keymap, it didn’t create keymap entries for new features like that, so there isn’t even a function that I can map!
By comparing my keymap with the default, I found I could manually create a new mapping with the same parameters as the default, and boom, it worked.
This seems like an obvious bug, and would explain some other glitches I’ve had in the past. Why on earth would it just omit mappings for new functions? O.o

Anyway, to fix it, go into your keymap preferences, open File Browser → File Browser Main and use the “+ Add New” button to create a new mapping. In the text box where it says “none”, enter “wm.call_menu” (without quotes) and then in the “Name” field enter “ASSETBROWSER_MT_context_menu”. Then you can map it to right-click or whatever you want.

yes, that’s why i said importing keymap is the most problematic one, and IIRC it could mess up with some addons custom keyboard shortcuts.

your solution is one workaround i could think of before and the fastest way to solve it, and if it’s enough then it’s fine (in fact, most of my custom keymap is a manually added ones too), but i don’t recommend it because maybe there is a lot of other default keymap that didn’t carried over too.

If you only have a few custom keymap and/or it’s easily added, i suggest starting from the default keymap and adding your custom keymap again, and using the import previous setting next time you upgrading the blender version.

i know it’s a PITA but i learned it the hard way too and i never uses import keymap again since then.

as for another solution, i forgot if i already tried this before or not, you could try put your user preferences in previous blender version user folder, then reset your current blender version, restart blender and try import previous setting to see if it would added your custom keymap on top of default keymap.

hope that helps.