Can't access last Sundays meeting agenda?

Hey does anyone know if there is a reason last Sunday’s meeting agenda transcript is locked to only account holding devs?

Is there a conspiracy going on, or just an accident. I generally check it every week to see what the vips are working on, but last week no one put one up. I checked again this week and both the previous week and current are up, but last weeks has a different highlight color and says it is locked.

Should I start wearing a tin foil hat? Now that Blender is becoming so popular maybe Ton announced that it will not be a commercial product!

heres the link:

The green link just points to a page that doesn’t exist yet. If you watch the link closely, you’ll notice the link is for editing the (or in this case a new) page.

EDIT. hmmh… i now realised you were talking about the meeting week before last sunday…
wasn’t much to put I guess. here’s couple of links for you …


i don’t know what you are talking about, but i paste it here… from last sunday.

current projects

  • kais adaptive subdivison is almost ready to go
  • brecht is making excellent glsl code progress 2.46 release
  • particle api is ready stiv is applying
  • grab test script from logs
  • <elubie> theeth: yes, I think ffmpeg should be fine on windows, but as I said before I’ll retest the still open bugs
  • need test files for sequencer and ffmpeg
  • todo list
  • plugins - is sirdude going to commit? is scons ready for it?
  • rc final this tuesday evening/wednesday morning