Can't add image sequence in blender 2.6.2

Hey there,
today I stumbled across the problem of not being able to import an image strip in blender 2.6.2 (official) I did this many times before in older versions. Just click import>image and it will open a dialogue where you can select multiple files. But in this version, clicking import>image just inserts a default strip without any prompt or chance to open multiple files. Where did that diologue go? If added as movie blender will add each image as single image, not as a strip.
This is a bit embarrassing, since it is fairly basic and wasn’t a proplem in the past :smiley:

thanks for any suggestions

If you are trying to Add an Image Sequence to the VSE, then use Shift+A (Add) while hovering in the strips editor window, and select Image from the pop-up, which opens a file load window. Select ALL frames to be included in the sequence. In this case they do not have to be sequentially named.

To add an Image Sequence to the Compositor, use an Input node, click the file load icon, select the first frame of the sequence, then select Image Sequence from the node’s drop-down image-type selection. This reveals fields where the length, starting frame, offset, etc. of the Image Sequence can be specified. In this case, file should be sequentially numbered.

Thanks, it works now, although I simply can’t reproduce, why it did not work before. Thanks for the infos though