can't add objects

i started with a new project then i saw that there were no lights/cameras or anything beside the model so i wanted to make them, but when i try to add something it doesn’t appear, though it shows the object tools and it shows them in the outliner. when i try to render it’s as if everything was there, but it isn’t…

I checked the layers, tried linking it to another .blend file, but couldn’t do anything with it:(

any help would be appreciated

Objects are added at the location of the 3d curser. Centre it with Shift+C than add your objects.
They are probably added but if your cuser is way out of vies so will be the objects you’ve added.


yes i know… it doesn’t appear anywhere not on the 3d cursor not in empty space…

Post an example blend.


here is it…


ribCage.blend (412 KB)

You’re in local view mode. Select global from View / Global View (Num Pad /)


oh… dunno when i pressed it…
really thx for the help