cant add paint texture to some car parts in blender internal

hi there people.wonder if you can help me here. ive been following a tutorial by chris plush on modelling a car in blenders internal engine. I followed the tutorial up to the part when adding paint. unfortunately when i try to apply car_paint material to the car parts it seems to apply to some and not other parts. for some reason i suspect it has to do with blender/cycles engine. becaouse my pc’s rather slow ( core 2duo) when i was modelling the car i was switching between blender internal and cycles mode ( i have an nvidia gpu card). so i was saving parts of the tutorial in both engine settings. could this possibly have something to do with why some parts have paint other parts dont… idk ???

sorry also just wanted to add, in the training vid the car was modelled in glsl mode and textured solid ticked. during the modelling i may have changed it to single texture or multi (im still a newbie). could this have contributed to the problem?

when i was modelling the car i was switching between blender internal and cycles mode
Don’t. The material for each renderer are not compatible with each other.

Your problem is difficult to solve since no-one in the world but you has access to your scene and blend file. It’s like trying to help someone solve a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle over the phone while you’re both blindfolded

Attach or upload your blend file to and tell us the download link.
IMPORTANT: don’t waste peoples time but not packing your textures inside your blend file. You can do this via the File / External Data menu at the top of the blender window

hi sorry. not sure if i did this right ive uploaded the file to pasteall. i copied this url:
is this correct you should see my blend called “my camero project painting” .