Can't Adjust Edge Loops

Using Blender 2.71, this didn’t happen before, but now every time I add an edge loop it reverts to Edge Select Mode and the only way to move the edge loop is to go into Vertex Mode. Anyone know how to fix this? I have no idea how it came up.

Actually no it’s not fixed. When I add two edge loops then Right-Click and scale along the Y axis, I can’t adjust anything. I have to manually go back into Vertex mode to adjust anything.

Are you in Maya presets or something? If you add two edgeloops (Ctrl R, wheel up or numpad + to make it two) and right click you have just canceled the operation. There is no scale available while adding two edge loops, the only options are to slide them, and/or to drop them by left click.

If you have finished adding the edge loops and are trying to move them apart by using scale, make sure you are not in ‘individual origins’ pivot mode, because you are then trying to scale each edge in an axis that has no thickness, so nothing happens. When you switch to vertex mode the faces in between are now selected and since they do have a y dimension it seems to work differently but it is just doing what you ask it to do … Is that understandable?

This is how it is set up now: If you are in vertex select mode when you add the edge loop (using ctrl R) you will remain in vertex mode, but if you are in face select mode you will automatically switch to edge select mode. This is logical because after inserting an edge loop you are in the ‘slide’ mode which implies vertex or edge because you can’t slide faces.

A very nice bit of detail is that if you undo you’re put back in face mode if you started from face mode.