Cant animate a parameter... and there are missing options from the left mouse menu...

i want to animate the mapping location ( UV ) but when i press “I” to insert i keyframe i get hte error :

“Fail to resolve path, try manually specifying this using a keying set instead”

but , when i left click on the parameter , there is no option for adding a keying set, which i’ve neverused… how do ianimate the location of my mapping ?

thanks !

No idea, but i managed to move the mapping using the project uv modifier… pretty easy…

Try this: Add Empty object by face where texture is placed. Go to Texture property / Mapping and set Coordinates to Object. Object input field shows up under. Select Empty. Now animate Empty for the texture to animate.

This is the classic method is used to animate texture with Blender internal render engine. Does Project UV modifier work with cycles?

In Cycles, we use a Mapping node of which all the parameters can be animated: Offset, rotation, scale and clipping.

If we want to do it “ye ol’ fashion” with an empty, there is the UV Project modifier… which also works with BI.