Can't animate bevel start/end of curves created from imported SVG

Can’t animate bevel start/end of curves created from imported SVG

Hallo every one!!

When u create a curve u can add bevel depth (under the “Geometry” tab within the curves object data properties) then change/animate the bevel start/end and see it happening in the view-port.

I want to do this for curves that are created from imported SVG vector images.

I can change the bevel depth to add 3D thickness to those curves. But changing bevel start/end doesn’t do anything. I can’t figure out why. I tried changing the curve type but its not helping.

Can anyone help me figure this out?

Just tried importing an svg and noticed that all of the curves were closed (even ones left open in Illustrator). So I went down to the Active Spline section of the Curves panel, and unchecked Cyclic U. This works only for curves which are not closed. For a circle, for instance, unchecking this eliminates a segment, so you may need to add the last bit in Blender (but not actually close the loop).

Thanx for the reply Phil_n

I already got the answer on reddit, I just forgot to repost that answer here.

Here it is: Reddit conversation

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Yes, mark as “Solved.” You can choose you own post if you wish.

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