cant animate this rig. help.

what’s up guys , i got this little simple character , the rig is the same as the one from Intro to chaacther animation from the Bsod from ryan dale.

the thing is i cant animate some bones , if i key the spine1 bone it works but if i try to animate or key the sholder8.r for example ( wivh is the hand actually ) it dont seem to work , i move the bones and inster a key , move to anotheer frame move the bone insert another key , but then when i move the timeline it stys static

whats the problem ?

Hi Giorgio,
I’m having trouble downloading the file. Can you check the link.

thanx man , i think its fixed. :wink:

Hi Giorgio,
The problem is that ‘Automatic IK’ is turned on. You can see it in Edit mode under the Armature tab.

You need to turn that off, and then build a ‘real’ Ik chain. That one is just a kind of temporary simulation. If your not sure how to do this, let me know, there are some good tutorials out there that I can point you to.

thanx , so i turn of the auto ik , and then build another real ik ,

i dont know whats the difference between a real ik and a not real ik, do i have a real ik in my rig ? or is it a fake ik ?

where should i make the ik ? from the sholder to the hand ? and how do i do it ?

anyway , this rig is basicaly the same as the one in intro to character to anim from the bsof from ryan dale so , it should work , so , could you tell me why the original one is right and this one is wrong ?

thanx ;D

You can animate (i.e. keyframe) your current rig, it’s just that with Auto IK you need to select all the bones and key every bone for the animation to “stick” and get keyed properly …

Now if you used the IK constraint instead you would only have to key the IK target and your animation will behave as intended by just moving/keying the IK target only …

The difference between Auto IK and the IK constraint isn’t in how the IK behaves, it is the amount of control you have with each option . When you specify an IK chain with the constraint you can decide to use the constrained bone itself as part of the chain or not, how long the IK chain should be, the amount of influence it can have, etc . While with the Auto IK the IK chain length is automatically going to reach to the root bone in the armature hierarchy …

So for relatively simple rigs like Ryan Dale’s BSoD setup using Auto IK is a good option, but if you have a complex setup and don’t want to have a bunch of keys to deal with when editing an action then using the IK constraint is the way to go …

I don’t fully understand the reason for the ‘Auto Ik’ feature myself, but it doesn’t seem to be keyable.

There are already some IK chains in your rig. If you grab the foot bone ‘subpata.r’ and move it you will see an example of an IK chain. Be sure to turn off ‘Auto IK’ first though, or else it won’t move. Any bone that is yellow in pose mode has an IK constraint on it.

To make the IK chain:

  1. add one more bone to the tip of each arm. make sure its not parented or connected to the arms. Call this IKtarget.L or IKtarget.R.

  2. add an IK constraint to the last bone of each arm (sholder.8.l and sholder.8.r in this case). Next, set their targets as IKtarget.L or IK target.R.

  3. set ChainLen to 8.

If you don’t understand these steps, there’s a more in-depth tutorial here.
And here’s your blend file with an Ik chain added to it.

Good luck!

thank you very much u guys ;D