can't animate with armatures?

Hi, i have created my model, and i rigged it so it can move etc. But how do i animate it? When i go into Pose mode, make a pose, and make a keyframe, the previous pose of a (previouse keyframe) will change into the new pose.
So how do you ‘save a pose’ at a keyframe?

Press ‘I’ in pose mode. Make sure you have a timeline up. Then you probably want to choose ‘LocRotScale’ which will completely capture the transforms of the armature.

yes but he already said that he made a keyframe so he knows about the “i” .
if you would post a blend file and explain EXACTLY the actions you did one by one, it will be easier.
i didn’t understand how you made the keyframe and what is the problem.
did you select all bones when keyframing? did you create a keyframe of the resting pose (without any initial posing) before starting animate?
a keyframe saves a pose, so clarify the question