Can't append

Hey, I’m putting this query under basics cos the answer probably is…I found this model of feet but i can’t append them into another scene. There’s a datablock alright but no object or something.:o
The file is here
If you can tell me why also…

Append from the Object lib, not the Mesh lib. If you want to fix what you have add a Mesh Object (plane) and in F9, Links and Materials tab, from the ME dropdown select the Feet mesh (to link it to the Plane Object.


Thanks for the quick reply, but i did append the object and if i switch to the feet in ME the rest of the scene disappears.

Maybe the feet are on another Layer; objects are Appended to the same layer that they’re on in the Lib file.


Ok, problem solved, the plane disappears but i then joined the feet mesh to my body mesh and its fine…
thnx again.

I have another question about appending, if you dont mind…if i make two rigged characters in seperate files can i import all the settings ie. vertex/bone assignments, shape keys, actions and things?
At the moment i can see how to append the seperate objects only…

Yes, but you need to select all parts of the character, the Mesh, Armature, Constraint Targets, if you’re using Empties instead of bones, and Paths. ShapeKeys and will come with the Mesh and Actions will come with the Armature. There are two ways to do it:

Append from the Object lib in the Library file and select all necessary objects with Right Mouse Button (RMB) so they turn blue and hit Enter.

In the Library file, before appending, add all necessary objects to a Group (Ctrl-G). Then in the destination file Append that group from the Group library.


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