Can't apply image texture because mesh is weird how do I change mesh so I can

Been trying everything I know so far…pls help me figure out how I could change the mesh on this object to where I could apply an image texture to the front face of this object and have it look perfect.

I attached pictures of what to mesh looks like from 3 angles so you can get an idea AND also attached a picture of the actual object the mesh pertains to…in SOLID view.

You might need to re-do your images, as we can’t see them.

Sorry here you go here it is… thanks for replying

Ok. So, with that topology, your best bet would be to unwrap using the Project from View option.

OK I got the actual mesh unwrapped and it’s in UV editing mode over my picture. but I can’t really figure out what to do next because there seems to be multiple UV editing places IE in shading tab in the UV editing tab and in the shading compositor nodes… so I uploaded my file if there’s a chance you could help me figure out how to put this picture on this mesh.
Thank you for your help

pumpkinslies_test_1.blend (2.07 MB)

you could probably simplify your mesh with an X > Limited Dissolve. You shared your file but you didn’t share the image, please pack it if you want us to see it (File > External Data > Pack All Into .blend). To project the image on the object you need to open the Shader Edito and plug an Image Texture into the Bas Color input of the Principled BSDF. In the Image Texture, select your image.

Your SVG to begin with was the source of the problem…too much overlapping geometry and lines that were not connected to anything…Took and cleaned up a bit…so at least you could use it next Halloween…

It is no longer an extruded mesh but flat planes…Had to move things around so that the geometry was a bit better but you can still extrude the different parts and re-assemble like one of those wooden puzzles…
pumpkinslies_test-002.blend (1013.3 KB)

OK I tried working with the image the way I wanted to but it’s not working and I think the reason was is I need to make it look like a standard mesh so I could do things like sculpt and use the solidify modifier to make it thicker. I put an example of the kind of pattern of lines I need in the images I added to this post so if you could tell me how to make the pumpkins have the same pattern as the square in the picture I added I’d appreciate it.

thanks for all your help!