Can't assign faces to material index

Hello :slight_smile:

I’ve created some materials for a mesh and I would like to assign particular faces to particular materials. In the “Links and Materials” panel I create a new material, select a bunch of faces in my mesh, then click the “Assign” button. I assume this works like the vertex groups’ “Assign” button? The trouble is, if I then deselect everything, then press the “Select” button, the entire mesh is selected and not the faces I assigned to the material. Also, next to the material selection tool is a button with a question mark on it which, according to the context help, does the same thing as assign. Neither buttons seem to assign faces to a material. Am I going about this wrong or is this a bug? I’m using Blender 2.49 on Vista Home Premium. Please help!


You should assign another ( new ) material for other faces too - then selection by mat ID will work.
Question mark does not assign anything just tell you what mat ID is assigned to selected faces ( if any ).

Thanks, jawra. That’s very helpful! I think I understand how it works now. It seems you can’t have any faces that aren’t associated with a material, so if you only have one material, all faces must be assigned. With 2 materials you can have some faces for one material and the rest of the faces must belong to the second material. Is that right?


Yes, all faces must have some material assigned.