Can't bake texture into image file

I want to export an an object with my procedural textures but they won’t show when imported in a new file. I then tried baking the procedural texture into a png by following this tutorial step by step but after baking the texture is still blank and says Circular dependency for image “Untitled” from object “Plane.001”

So can someone help me bake it into a png for I don’t know much about baking
Wood.blend (821.5 KB)

Ok, so. Let’s say you want to bake color information in that file…

  • add an Image Texture node, press New, enter resolution values. Do not connect this node to anything, just select;
  • switch to Cycles, set Bake Type to Diffuse, check only Color;
  • bake.

“Circular dependency” means that you’re trying to bake to an image that’s already contributes Material Output… i.e. image node is connected to when it shouldn’t be.

Oh my goodness, it finally works :astonished: Thank you so much :blush:
The wood texture problem is solved but I am having problem with this shiny texture, I can’t export it with obj, because when I import it in another file to check, the gold ribbon texture is still there but the green wrapper texture disappears into a white material. Do I have to bake it too.

Green Wrapper Material

Gold Ribbon Material

(I’m don’t know much about exporting, but) I think you can’t export a complex material with Mix Shader into obj. Probably, just Principled BSDF and textures attached directly to it.
Maybe use Roughness value in Principled instead of mixing with Gloss?

I am having another problem with baking. When I start baking, the texture comes out thin and long. I want it to be a full image, not like the one below. I would really appreciate an early help.


Baked Texture

use smart uv

When I use smart uv the texture comes out like this,

I found the solution!

  1. First I had to use smart UV unwrapping.
  2. Then I had to bake the texture when the mapping node was attached to the generated point in the object coordinate node.
    Thanks to everyone who helped me. :blush: