Can't bake texture. No images found to bake to!

Ok, I’m getting a little frustrated now. I baked a few textures before in blender 2.5, but sometimes blender just says that there’s no image to bake to, even though I created one. And I’m 100% sure I did everything in order. I unwrapped my model, created a UV layer I’ll be using for baking, created image in UV editor I’ll be baking to, make sure my bake UV layer is active, make sure I have my UV’s selected, go to Bake panel, set bake mode to textures, and clicked bake.

Sometimes it succeed, sometimes it gives me error “No images found to bake to!”. I tried appending my model to a new file, and unwrapping it again, but no use, it gives me same error. Usually I’d fix this by recreating the whole model, but now my model’s a bit more complicated, and I’m not in mood of doing it again.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or something, but if anyone have any idea of how to fix this, that would be great.

It’s always so much easier for people to tell you what you are not doing correctly if you attach your blend file to your post rather than just trying to best guess. Also more info like operating system and what version of 2.5 are you using, the alpha2 from the site or a more recent development build. There have been hundreds of development builds released and things can change from one to another.

ok… I think I solved a problem… Apparently I had to check selected to active, but that confuses me, since in previous versions I used that option to bake from high poly to low poly models.

Hello, Richard!

I had this problem today and I didn’t get how to manage it.
my specs: win XP sp2 32bit, Blender 2.53 1454_r30760.

I tried all as I think. Selected texture, UVMap, created materials, selected texture there…
And I even couldn’t get a simple bake. Bake from one mesh to another didn’t worked also. Can it be a bug? Because I remember that I did a bake (on 2.5 alpha latest build) about two months ago and it worked fine.