Can't cancel windows

I am brand new. I am reading John Blain’s work: An Introduction to Blender 3D. On page 11 he states:
“To cancel a window place the mouse cursor on the
cross hatching ( changes to cross ) and drag it out
of the window into the window to be canceled. A
large arrow appears pointing into the window to
be canceled. Clk LMB and the window is
When I try this I keep getting more and more windows! help, please.
FYI I have the latest (v2.64). windows7 64 bit Intel dual core @ 2.6ghz, 6gb ram, Nvidia geforce 210 card.

Never heard of what you are looking at but to merge two adjacent windows you drag the corner from one window into the second window or just RMB on the window border and select Join

This is link if you care to look.
I was able to reduce some of the windows by rmb on border, but still don’t have original opening screen. Ill probably have to uninstall/reinstall. Thank you for your very prompt reply.

I have the same problem. I want to create a new screen layout but can’t figure out how to subtract or add windows to the default view. I can create a copy of the default screen, but can’t remove any windows. Specifically, I’m trying to get rid of the timeline window, which blocks the tools all the time, and I currently don’t use the timeline. Dragging on the corner hatching either makes the window full screen (definitely don’t want, and can’t go back! seems like a big bug) There is no option to minimize/delete/remove a window.