Can't Change Color of Text

I’m relatively new to Blender and am reworking a previous project from the ground up. It’s a simple logo, two letters that I’m trying to color. For some reason I cannot get the G to change color like the O. Near as I can tell, they are identical in settings and yet when I put it in camera view to preview the end result, the G is default grey and not gold like the O. I’ll try to get the file attached but this is my first post so…yeah.
EDIT: I was trying to color the letters without first converting them to mesh so I think I got that figured out but now I cannot find the render anywhere. Tried looking in the designated folder, changed the folder, etc. Since I converted the letters to mesh, I cannot find the spot on the right among the settings for changing the default location for saving renders. I created a specific folder for them and now I cannot find the render. Strangely, I had not changed the file type for saving at first and so I was rendering it as an animation which I found right where it is supposed to be but changing the file type to both jpeg and png resulted in not being able to find the result. Even going into Blender’s settings and changing the output path did nothing.