Can't change image datablock in UV Face select mode


I unwrap my hands here, and when I go to call up the image, I can’t do it. If you look at the screenshot here, I think that when I click on the IMG_1587.jpg dropdown item, that image should appear there in the UV Image Editor. But it’s not. I click it and nothing happens at all.

I have been kind of struggling with this and related UV Editor problems all day. I can change the image when I’m in, for example Object Mode. But then, if an image is in the UV Image Editor and I go into UV Face Select mode I can’t do anything. Can’t choose another image from the dropdown, can’t unlink the image with the X button (I press X and nothing happens, nothing in the console either).

I’ve made a few simple mesh files to test whether I’m supposed to be able to change this data while in face select mode, and it seems to be fine in other files.

Any ideas are appreciated.



Just a thought…what happens if you pack the file, save as to a new empty directory, then unpack, saving images to textures sub-directory?

Best of Luck!!

No dice. Same problem.


This strikes me as the type of problem that requires some kind of Kick-Start. If the image unpacked OK, and tou can open it in an image editor, try making any small change and saving, then reloading the texture.

Can you use the image on any polys from the same mesh?

There’s one thing odd about your screenshot-you say you have unwrapped the hands but there is a face selected on the pants. I wonder if that has something to do with your problem. Also what does it look like in potato mode?


I’ve changed and saved a lot of small things, but I haven’t stumbled on anything that makes a difference here.

The good news is that it doesn’t seem to matter. If I load an image, I can actually use it as a texture with no problem. The only thing I can’t do is bring it up in the UV/Image Editor while I’m in UV Face Select mode.


The face on the pants isn’t actually selected. It was selected once, and the edges stayed colored. I actually have no idea at all what the colored edges mean. If the faces are selected they turn slightly purple. Um… there are several color things I don’t understand here, one is why the pants are black. I can make them white by selecting them and clicking “SetVertCol” but that’s all I know about that. If I select a face once the outline edges remain colored is also all I know.

If I press A to unselect all, by the way, I can do whatever I want with the image datablocks. So, let’s say I unselect all, and select the main hand color image. I can do that, and that image shows up in the image editor (drastically zoomed in, for some reason).

Then, in order to select the hands, I need to go back into Edit Mode, select the hands based on their material, and re-enter UV Face Select. When I do this the image disappears from the UV Image editor and the hands’ UV unwrap appears… funnily enough it is very zoomed out and is very slow to zoom in. (A lot of verts, maybe?)

Anyway, I do have a workaround but I’d still like to hear any ideas on the problem.

hi bugman! i have the same problem sometimes. and there seems to be no scheme or pattern when it occurs. but when i render, the texture i always applied correctly. same with render preview. when i change or reload the UV_Picture in the texture panel and Shift-P, it renders with the old picutere. but the normal renderer does it correctly. so, same problem, no solution, no idea…
oh, and the coloured edges in the uv-editor tell you which edges shows in which direction. (i hope i understood your problem correctly…). makes sense when applying multiple textures/materials to your uv-layout. you can for example select one uv-face and rotate/mirror/scale/resize it so it fits in the correct coordinates of the picture.