Can't change my email address in my profile...


Haven’t been on here in a while as I’ve been busy (in RL, yeah I know, weird huh?!).

Anyways, I acquired a gmail account, and so tried to change my user email address in my profile to [email protected], but no matter how many times I submit the new info, it’s never updated. And yeah, I’ve tried refreshing the page, logging out/in, it doesn’t work.


What browser are you using? If it is Mozilla Firefox, some things don’t work correctly on it, and in that case you could use IE to try to change it.

My 2 cents.

You can’t change your e-mail address yourself, you have to ask an admin.

It has nothing to do with Firefox or whatever browser you might be using.

My 2 cents


who is the admin because i want to change mine but it says someone else is using my email?
sorry for bumping this back up

I did a search on your e-mail, and it only came up you as a user, meaning, only 1 user is using your e-mail.