Can't change Text color !

Hi everyone
I’m trying to follow This tutorial :Here
But i can’t make the text as it resulted in the video
here is my result :

What’s missing ?

Are you sure this is in the right forum? This is for OSL-specific questions. I’m not a mod or anything, though.

You want to change the color to text in photoshop?
following the steps.try this one
Choose the Type tool and select the text
Click the foreground color chooser
Choose the color you want and press OK


There are 3 ways to change color

Select your text (editing selection) and change it from the left general toolbar of colour
Select the layer where is the font, open the Character/Type window and change from there
Select the layer, and than select the “T” on the left toolbar should appear on the top of the screen a quick toolbar related to the proprieties of the tool selected, you can edit color from there