Can't clear this image from my .blend

In this blend file (right click and save)
the packed image has 22 users… but there aren’t 22 of anything in the file and if I check with Data Select (Shift-F4) it say that there are 22 users but there aren’t even 10 datablocks in that file and only 2 textures.
Look, I’ve even deleted the image from anywhere in my system (here it is packe for convenience but it was unpacked at the time) and there are still all those users for a piece of data that doesn’t exist.

What’s going on ?

Thanks for your time guys


What I do when that happens is I create a new file, append the scene from the file with the bogus image datablocks and delete the default scene to make the imported scene the current one. After saving and opening again, only blocks with real users are loaded.

I think I read that trick in this forum a very long time ago.

Delete it in the Outliner, resave and check again; it should be gone.

Sorry to come back to you so late guys but I had such a fight with it…
@Tobolan : it worked with one other file but not this one so I learned something anyway. Great thanks to you.

@organic: I am ashamed but I don’t know how to select, let alone delete, a datablock below the object level in the Outliner.

Thank you both again : that wasn’t an easy one.

In the outliner I know that the little triangle shaped symbol to the left will expand what is below it. I believe that Ctrl+X will delete what is selected. I’ll have to dink around with it and see.

I don’t seem to be able to select the datablocks. When I try to unlink in the Outliner view I get a “Not Yet” message that, I guess, means that it isn’t implemented yet.

Moreover, unlinked datablocks aren’t displayed in the Ouliner view, only in Oops and there, while they are selectable, they it doesn’t look like I can unlink or delete anything either.

Thanks for looking into it with me.

“Not Yet” lol, how helpful.

Ok, I found that Cnrl+x seems to wipe the whole scene. For me it just goes back to the default square. Probably not the right thing to do. I did come across the “not yet” message so I tried “make local” first and then the unlink. It seems to work on some things. (I am using my own model here). From what I have noticed, and I may be way off base here, is that once unlinked you can click on the selected to get a drop down menu that includes delete as an option. Wow, unchartered waters for me. Interesting though…