Can't close Bezier Curve 2.62

Hi guys I can’t close my Bezier Curves hitting C in order to extrude it.

  • Into edit mode I have selected the last vertice or point and then I hit C and nothing happens
  • Then I tried selecting the whole vertices or points then I hit C and the same result.
  • I Tried the same things above but using Shif+C or Control+C and Alt+C but nothing as well
  • Then Shift+Alt+Control+C, nothing.
  • I mean I have used the whole key combination possible with no results using C.

What could it be the problem or in this release (2.62) they have changed the way to do this?

Thanks for any information about it.

In edit mode select the two end points of the curve and use Toggle Cyclic (the default keyboard shortcut is Alt+C)