Can't control which lines i want to render

Hi everyone, im trying to export a freestyle render and I am trying to figure out how to control which lines are going to be rendered,

sorru 2.2


soru .2

I don’t want to have the lines on the cylinder’S body, i want it to look like the second pic but second one is missing some lines so i need to have a result in between, i tried to export it like the first one and later delete the unwanted lines in illustrator but i can not ungroup those :confused:

Turn on Silhouette and Edge Mark only. Then in edge edit mode, ctrl+e and mark the edges (bottom) you want Edge Mark to react to.

Does the image work? It bugs out for me.

nope it won’t open :confused:

when i do it like that, there are too much lines

when i mark edges as freestyle, the don’t show on render but there are too many lines and i can’t select all of them, it won’t be clean

The image should work now. This site had a problem with certificates causing images not to load.
You’re not supposed to “select all of them”, only the ones you want drawn. Your topology looks like imported triangulated mess, but you should be able to so some “Tris to Quad” and “Delete/Limited Dissolve” for a limited cleanup. How it “shades” doesn’t really matter if all you want is the freestyle. I’m kinda out of my depth here, since I rarely use freestyle in my real projects due to being too slow. So my experience is limited.
Maybe it would help if the real geometry was provided. The one I quickly created was clean.