Can't convert gpencil

2 days ago , i just downloaded latest 2.8 and found out that in gpencil edit mode, the gpencil convert menu has been gone. Has it been moved ? i can’t find it even when i use command search. Anyone can help? Ussually in previous 2.8 build, it appears under ‘strokes’ menu in gpencil-edit mode.


Things are getting pretty messy lately… I’d advise a week of vacations for developers.
Present time efforts need engineers, creators to have a fresh set of mind & vision, if promises are to be delivered somewhere close to promised land… no one wants more dystopian & kitschy trash in oceans of love :slightly_smiling_face:

With GPencil object selected – Draw mode > activate Search menu: Convert Grease Pencil
(using latest from 23.Feb.2019, blender-2.80.0-git.779860d34e26-windows64)

Conversion is available only in Object mode for most of object types. No exception for GP objects in 2.8.

You can easily find it in Object menu or Specials menu with right click.

I don’t get it why moved it to object mode ? Now i can’t select any stroke to be converted. It will convert all strokes in current active GP layer. So i have to manually separated to new layer to select which stroke to convert. Also, i have to go back and forth object mode and draw mode to select GP layer to be converted.

Yeah, that’s really bad. Grease Pencil Convert is totally removed from Edit, Sculpt & Weight Paint modes. I wonder why they did it, since tool was very convenient to use in other modes as well (as you describe). Hope it’s just a bug.

Did you report it?

I don’t think it is a bug.
I think they try to be consistent with other types or that there is a possible limitation and tried to avoid bugs.
They consciously added it to new right click menu only for object mode.
That may be an oblivion.

Anyways, GP conversion could be improved. We can easily imagine that being able to convert more than one layer in one operation would be welcomed.