Can't copy or paste keyframes

I have lost my ability to copy and paste keyframes, ctrl + c and ctrl + v does absolutely nothing in any of the keyframe editors, dope sheet, timeline etc. Happened a few days ago for the first time and I didn’t think much about it at the time but now its become a real issue.

I checked the console as well and it gives no output upon pressing ctrl + c when trying to copy keyframes. Copying anything else, like an object in the viewport for example successfully gives an output and lets me paste it again. No idea whats going on but I hope I’m just being stupid and that I don’t have to resort to re installing Blender.


Did you try reassigning the Shortcuts? I think you can do it going over the action copy keyframe, right click, and assign or change the shortcut (sometimes you have to remove it first).
Let me know if this worked, I personally had to use this trick a few times :slight_smile:

Just checked, its set to CTRL + C already unfortunately, removing it and assigning it again does nothing.