Can't Create Object- Objects Invisable

Hi, I am new to Blender…I was working on a project to get the hang of creating stuff and for some reason now when I try to add an object like a cylinder or a sphere or anything it is not showing up. Its supposedly there…But its not…its invisable or something. I can delete it. supposedly resize it. but I can see it… Its really confusing. I can copy existing objects and all I just can’t create any new objects from the Mesh or curve menus. I can start a new project and it works just fine, I’d rather work on the existing one though. Any info and help would be greatly appretiated. Thanx

Ok, Thanx anyway…I found the Issue…Spawn point was way way way way WAY outta place…

Ok now I did it again…Its stuck way out in nowhereland…Is there anyway to reset? I think I accidentally punched in some odd cordinateds trying to use the numpad to switch veiw when moving something.

Spawn point, the 3D curser, can be placed anywhere just by placing the mouse curser where you want the 3D curser and Left Mouse Selecting. This was confusing to me when I started Blender not long ago. So I change the preference to Right Mouse Select for 3D curser placement. That works for me.