How to make the the poneytail look like the one I trace in red? Anyone can show me how to achieve this?

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add a plane

give it a shadeless color #666666 [hit n to insert a color in hex] material

… your image link wasn’t there, so I can’t really help. Have you tried the paths and new particle features in the pre-release builds of 2.40?

Have the pony tail emit from a small plane placed at the back of the head, parent to head and setup it’s own static particle effect (longer hair higher density for tail, etc.) - the size should be size you want the base of the tail to be.

Add a couple of hair guides and mess with the mindist/fall-off values. Basically you want the guide to affect the base of the tail not the whole of the back of the head.

You can animate the plane - give it a slight bob - distinct from the head.

This url should help (go to bottom of page)

… Any one know if lattice could be used for this?

you could attach the paths to the latices ananimate them throug the latice.

hope that helps

Thanks,but one question.Should I really need to create it ( the plane and the curve guide ) on another layer to avoid it to affect the other one that I already created ?

I don’t think you have to. It’s a matter of getting the mindist/fall-off values right perhaps.

The hair on the head could be modelled and textured if it is tied tight.

I haven’t played with lattices yet there might be an anwser there.